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Financing Options

21st Mortgage Corporation

This lender will work with most credit scores. They will finance new and used homes. Below are some details about the loans 21st offers. Use the link to the left to apply online, or you can download a paper application HERE. 

  • 23 year loan term

  • Fixed Interest Rate (based of of credit score)

  • Closing cost/appraisal fees financed into the loan

  • Minimum Loan amount of $20,000

  • Payment Options are Monthly Auto Draft, Bi-Weekly Payment Option, and Online Payments.

  • Down payment as low as 5% (credit score will determine down payment amount)

  • NO Prepayment Penalty

  • Land can be used as Downpa

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Triad Financial Services 

This Lendor offers multiple loan options with different terms and rates based on credit and the home that is being financed. This lender can finance new and used homes. You can apply online with the link below or you can download a paper application HERE.

  • Minimum Loan amount of $10,000

  • Fixed Interest Rate (based of credit and type of home being financed)

  • Minimum credit score of 600

  • Land can be used as Down payment

  • Minimum Down payment of 5%

  • Offers closing's thru Docu Sign with a few exceptions on a couple of forms

  • Shorter loan terms  

  • Closing cost can be financed 

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Vanderbilt Mortgage 

Vanderbilt offers financing on some of their used inventory. When financed Vanderbilt will supply new appliances and finance the setup cost in with the purchase of the home. 


  • Less than perfect credit.... OK! (no BK last 6 months, no foreclosure last 2 yrs.

  • Closing cost can be financed

  • Minimum 5% down payment

  • 23 Year Loan Term

  • Can Use Land as Down Payment

  • No Minimum Credit Score

  • Edge Program offers new Loan Term for 12 years 

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